1. Do you sell Original/Authentic Shoes?

A: We sell only Original Branded Shoes. We don't sell any kind of knock offs, counterfeits, duplicate or any other unauthentic pair. 

2. Why are your price so Cheap?

A: We are small new business trying to provide our customers with the best affordable price so every feet can get a pair of shoes.

3. Why don't you have all sizes?

A: Our store is much like a clearance store. So, whatever sizes you find that all we have got now.

4. What else do you sell?

A: We mostly sell shoe but we also got hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, socks, caps, beanies and many more stuffs.

5. What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

A: All sales are final. We don't a policy for return or exchange.

6. Do yo sell used shoes?

A:  No, we sell all brand new shoe. 

7. What's your store timings?

A: We usually open from 11am to 8pm but we might close lately if we got busy. And we are open all 7 days.


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